Connect your products and services

A disjointed experience is more likely to present obstacles for your vulnerable customers. Plus, you’ll never get a full picture of your customers’ needs. Businesses that develop a deeper understanding of their entire ecosystem will pave the way for services that accommodate vulnerability. 

Ask yourself...
Do your colleagues understand how your whole business works?
Do you have partnerships with wider support services?
Can your organisation identify unusual behaviour? What is being done about it?

What could connected services look like? 

Opportunity 1

Always help the customer, even if not directly

Your organisation will not always be best placed to provide the support every customer needs. But others might be.

How might you get there?  

Could you give colleagues the flexibility to slow down an assessment and get a better understanding of their customer?

Could you connect with other service providers to help customers better manage their money? Or even take responsibility for slip-ups like missed payments?

Opportunity 2

Identify customers who are in need

A better understanding of how your customers interact with your services could generate new insights into their behaviour and highlight concerning patterns. But it’s important it’s done sensitively. 

How might you get there?  

Opportunity 3

Customers have support when they most need it

Combine an understanding of your customers’ spending behaviours and their potential implications, with the ability to act and provide timely support.

How might you get there?  

Could you integrate current account balances with online spending to nudge customers into making better choices?

Linda is recently divorced. What are the implications of a financially abusive relationship?

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Who are your vulnerable customers?

Which of your customers would benefit from more connected services? Based on research, we've created four profiles of individuals in vulnerable situations to help you design or test your products and services from a different perspective.